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Qualified Perceptions
Finished this for [personal profile] marleigh. It's someone else's edit of a sweater that appeared on Ravelry, replacing the paper dolls in the original with Totoros. The yarn is interesting - two sorts of British sheep plus alpaca. So it has the sort of fluffy-soft lofty alpaca feel, but with an underlying strength from the wool. Very nice for petting, and quite light.

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Hey, I can use sock yarn doubled for baby sweaters!    First bonus: it's a reasonably hard wearing and washable but still comfy.  Second bonus: I collect way too much sock yarn and this uses stash instead of buying new yarn.

I still miss Windsor Button for final button-picking - etsy has a lot of lovely buttons, but trying to figure out what will match is a lot more speculative.

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The week before last,[Unknown LJ tag] ,[personal profile] marleigh ,[personal profile] fredrikegerman ,[personal profile] desireearmfeldt  and I went on a Mad Boat Trip in the Netherlands.   They let you just rent a boat and drive it around their rivers and canals, with a bare minimum of training in How To Drive A Boat. 

Subtitle: Things Not To Be Stuck In Next Time In The Netherlands:

  • A lock
  • The mud
  • Heathrow
  • Phone trees
It was a different sort of vacation than any previous big travel, in that, while there were some visits to Places of Note (the Musical Clock museum in Utrecht, the Gouda cheese market), most of the enjoyment came from being on a boat while scenery went past, and stopping in random places to have tasty food (including the ubiquitous mayonnaise on french fries, which I am a fan of).  It wasn't always as restful as I might have wanted, as navigation and logistics (my main job) was a little stressful, and the boat driving platform was often hot and sunny, but it was a fascinating adventure.     I'll post a link to more detailed notes and pictures when I finish annotating them, for those who like looking at people's vacation slides, but in the meantime, a picture of the boat going through Oudewater.

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I went with [personal profile] tirinian last night to see Barnum (Moonbox Productions, at the Calderwood).   It was well done - the singers are strong, the acting exuberant, Barnum and Charity have very nice chemistry, the clowns/dancers are very nice. 

Barnum is the first musical I ever really imprinted on.  I think it's that I read a review of a performance in DC when I was in high school, and bought the record?   I know all the words, my sister and I can sing the brick song together...  but I'd never actually seen it before.    In one of the last songs, when Bailey is trying to convince the now-tired Barnum to team up with him in the song of "Join the Circus", once Barnum is convinced, he says "All right, damn it, why don't we leave it to the fates?  Heads it's yes, tails it's no" and flips a coin.   That moment has always appalled me - I've never even been a believer in the trick of "flip a coin and while it's in the air, notice which one you are hoping comes up."    But - in the show, it's a coin that has appeared before, and the audience knows it's two-headed. It just hasn't appeared in a song before, so I never knew. 

But, alas, the middle Black and White section - that feels so very different now.  I did always feel a little bit bad for the people who work at the clockwork that Barnum runs into the ground.   But the election, oh, the election.   He tries to run as a facts-based candidate - talking about suffrage and budgets and the need for taxes... and he is too boring.  He is losing.   "You gotta let me bring some color into this campaign or they’ll beat me."    So he brings color in, goes back to being the Prince of Humbug and Flimflam, and he wins.  Ouch. 

It's not the same as the Suck Fairy, which sometimes visits books you read as a kid and magically turns them awful when you read them again.  (There is a whole section of the internet devoted to people rediscovering Piers Anthony that way.)    The art isn't any different, but the world has changed.  
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Blue-black knitted cabled hat A Christmas hat for Brian. Jared Flood makes very nice hat designs; here, the cabling deals well with the decreases in a way that many don't. The yarn is one of the Sundara yarns I got when I subscribed to their yarn party for a year, a silk/merino blend. Fun to work with, and nicely soft.
Brown hat with ear flaps and swirly colorwork Another Christmas hat, this one for Jan. He made the mistake of admiring a previous hat in this pattern, so I put it on the list for later. By the time I made it, I think he had forgotten. Oh well. :) Also, it came out a little large; the last one came out a little tight, so I tried to size it up, but it sized a little too up. Also oh well.
Dark blue socks with ruffled cuffsThe ruffles were a little tedious to put together and weave all the ends in, but they came out really cute. I also am very fond of the colorway - dark blue overall but with jewel toned color.Close-up of color work
Striped yellow socksThe yarn is from White Birch Fiber Arts, one of my favorite etsy yarn dyers. The pattern is "Bow Ties are Cool", and I did it completely wrong nearly all the way to the heel ("kb" meant "knit below" rather than "knit back"). Rather than rip back, I unraveled one column of stitches at a time and picked them back up with a crochet hook - tedious, but less frustrating than doing the whole leg again (especially when knitting two at a time).
Blue-brown socks with a tilted cable patternMaelstrom! There were a couple of places where the pattern wanted to rotate on the needles, which is always a pain in the neck for knitting two at a time, but I think I have the hang of it finally.

Finally, a whole bunch of pussy hats. The last handful of them I traded for donations to the National Center for Trans Equality, but once spring came and winter hats were less necessary, I've moved to other projects. (But the offer still stands, if you wanted a hat and never got one.)

three pussy hats two pink pussy hats three pink pussy hats One pink pussy hat with a "nc" Non-Compliant logo in black Two light pink pussy hats, one with black stripes Two dark pink pussy hats, one with light pink trinity stitches Two pink pussy hats, one with dark pink trinity stitches and one in three-color tweed A hot pink pussy hat with "love is..." in black Three pink pussy hats in various textured patterns Three pussy hats, one light pink with dark pink stripes, two dark pink with light pink embellishments
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I'm switching to post at https://firstfrost.dreamwidth.org/ now that my previous posts have been imported. Not that I post very much any more, but I have some new knitting pictures to put up, at least, and some book reviews I have been failing to write for a little too long now.

I think I did the setting correctly that says that if you're my friend here, you can use your LJ account to be my friend there - but my posts are pretty much all public, so even if that weren't true, you'd still be able to see things there.

I have, however, definitely missed subscribing/authorizing a lot of people's accounts there. Working on that.

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Huh. It's orange-themed.


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I'm getting close to done with the recent Big Project of Doom, but I got digressed by a couple of Very Small Projects.
(Huh, I can stop outsourcing my images?  Keen!   Nope, it doesn't seem to like embedding more than one image.)

Two "kawaii potatoes" for my niece.   The brown one was first, before I realized that kawaii potatoes are definitionally pink, so I made it potato-colored.   The second one was after I was (very politely) informed that I had done it wrong. :)   Then there was apparently some angst over the idea that she might have to choose between them.   Because, you know, I have so many other people clamoring for kawaii potatoes.   (I shouldn't say that.  Last time it led to Octopus Wars).

Then a tea cozy (well, I guess that's not the official name) for shumashi. It's kind of slippy on the glass, but hopefully will be less so on paper.   (Those are leaves.  It looks pretty neat for the amount of easy it was.)


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