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Qualified Perceptions
Probably the last pair of Christmas socks for this year.  This yarn is the "Phoenix" colorway from Twisted Fiber Arts - it was a fundraiser after their studio burned.   I basically made the pattern up as I went along using a simple plait cable and eye-of-partridge heel flap - I started a different pattern that involved eyelets at the color transition, but they weren't clear or even enough and I didn't like how it was going.  (I'll have to use that pattern on a striped yarn with less shaded transitions.)

I like the color continuation on the heel flap, but I don't like the jump along the top of the foot; I guess that means I should have used a short row heel instead

Socks with a single plait in a brightly colored ("Phoenix") colorway (comments disabled on LJ; enabled on DW) https://firstfrost.dreamwidth.org/246784.html


 Three sets of nine octopodes made to look like planets

Okay, [personal profile] dcltdw and [personal profile] astra_nomer are in on it too. Delivery soon! (comments disabled on LJ; enabled on DW) https://firstfrost.dreamwidth.org/246651.html


The pattern for this came out on Ravelry, and I knew I wanted to make it before i knew who it was for. 
(Now it's a surprise present that needs to go to the post office, for someone who I don't think reads this journal).

Tons of garter stitch and short row shaping, and a pleasant-to-work-with yarn.

Wonder Woman red and gold shawl, draped over a black jacket

Wonder Woman red and gold shawl, stretched out for blocking

(comments disabled on LJ; enabled on DW) https://firstfrost.dreamwidth.org/246455.html


Killing Gravity, Brother's Ruin, Luminous, Snapshot, Sailing to Sarantium, Stone's Fall, The Refrigerator Monologues, The Penric and Desdemona series, The Red seriesCollapse ) (comments disabled on LJ; enabled on DW) https://firstfrost.dreamwidth.org/246032.html


 This was one of those projects where I was attracted by a sample project in a yarn store, and got the yarn without having a recipient in mind for the final object.    I think I was also intrigued by the yarn itself, which claimed to have mink in it.   In the intervening years, it was tested for fiber content and turned out to be angora / wool / rayon instead, and has been recalled.   (Apparently a particular yarn store had it tested originally because they were getting returns from people who were allergic to angora).    Anyway, angora or mink, it does have a lovely soft feel, and I finally got around to finishing the darned thing.

(This is folded up - there are eight of the gathered/cable sections)

  Dark blue soft scarf/shawl

Octopus making continues as an overall background process, but I did take a picture of these, which Mike requested.  There's a bit of needle felting - you can see the clouds on Earthopus, but also Jupitopus has a red spot, and Plutopus has a heart, which looks a lot like a cutie mark.  :) 

Nine planet-colored octopodes

Pluto, showing the heart    Flitterheart

(comments disabled on LJ; enabled on DW) http://firstfrost.dreamwidth.org/245924.html


Does anyone order books from paperbackswap.com ? I used to trade books via them, but then I drifted into e-reader only, and have been using it as a mechanism for "I will send these books to someone who wants them because I don't". So I have way too many credits, if anyone who is still using the site wants some.
(comments disabled on LJ; enabled on DW) http://firstfrost.dreamwidth.org/245532.html
A pair of socks, for a Christmas present.   I am not sure why the copy machine / scanner at work crops to legal size, when the glass is so much larger, but probably the answer is that I'm not scanning a piece of paper.   The pattern is called "Gimli" and is meant to suggest complex metalwork - the twisted stitches move every round, and the main cable is lovely.  (Sadly, it's on the fold so you can't see it as clearly.)   The green-black yarn suggests metal patina to me rather than seaweed, but your mileage may vary.

Dark green knit socks

And a baby sweater for Kate, who I think is not on Dreamwidth, and who took a picture for me because I forgot.
A garter stitch sweater with green diagonal stripes

(comments disabled on LJ; enabled on DW) http://firstfrost.dreamwidth.org/245442.html


The Ark, Trident's Forge, Blue Remembered Earth, Bookburners, Brilliance, The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe, Spell/Sword, The Riddle Box, Asteroid Made of Dragons, The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, The King of Attolia, A Conspiracy of Kings, Thick as ThievesCollapse ) (comments disabled on LJ; enabled on DW) http://firstfrost.dreamwidth.org/245167.html


Finished this for [personal profile] marleigh. It's someone else's edit of a sweater that appeared on Ravelry, replacing the paper dolls in the original with Totoros. The yarn is interesting - two sorts of British sheep plus alpaca. So it has the sort of fluffy-soft lofty alpaca feel, but with an underlying strength from the wool. Very nice for petting, and quite light.

(comments disabled on LJ; enabled on DW) http://firstfrost.dreamwidth.org/244794.html


Hey, I can use sock yarn doubled for baby sweaters!    First bonus: it's a reasonably hard wearing and washable but still comfy.  Second bonus: I collect way too much sock yarn and this uses stash instead of buying new yarn.

I still miss Windsor Button for final button-picking - etsy has a lot of lovely buttons, but trying to figure out what will match is a lot more speculative.

(comments disabled on LJ; enabled on DW) http://firstfrost.dreamwidth.org/244520.html

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