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dpolicar's meme - Qualified Perceptions
dpolicar's meme
So, the theory on this is meme that you copy it from someone, and bold all the entries that describe you, and replace all the others with things that describe you instead. (I tried to make my replacements thematically similar when possible). Then you tell other people to do it, and leave comments when they did.

I find that I can't actually tell people to do this - reading my journal isn't supposed to cause you to have homework assigned. Especially since there were a whole bunch of entries. But don't let me stop you, either. :)

00. I can't imagine actually asking other people to do this. That sort of defeats the purpose of memes.
01. I have learned to dress properly for winter. (Though I'm not so good at dressing properly for rain).
02. I can often get back to sleep once I wake up
03. Money doesn't motivate me very well.
04. I would be sad and lonely without zephyr.
05. I like cooking, but I don't do it enough.
06. It should never be above 90 degrees, for more than half a day in a week. It should never be above 80 degrees, for more than a week at a time.
07. I try to use approximately proper sentence structure and capitalization even in on-line communications. I do use sentence fragments if the message is extremely short.
08. The first computer I owned was an Apple II+ named Ralph.
09. I hope next year is as good as this past year.
10. I would like to see more live theatre. (Though I see a lot!)
11. I am an unreliable correspondent, but when I do write it's usually interesting to read. I hope.
12. I don't think I've changed very much in the past year, but I've discovered more about myself.
13. I remember random miscellaneous details about people I know, but not reliably. I often forget things that seem far more important than the things I remember, and sometimes remember things that don't seem to be true.
14. There are things I would not mind forgetting.
15. I wish I had more patience for being poor at playing piano.
16. I love my mom dearly, and I can see lots of myself I got from her, but at heart, we're from different planets.
17. I've gotten a reasonable amount of work done even while filling this thing out.
18. I have a lot to learn.
19. Despite having been raised mostly areligiously, I seem to have a lot of Catholic genes.
20. I'm only occasionally good at challenging myself to live up to my potential. Some days, i outright *rock*. other days, I really suck.
21. Many people I know live more of their lives in public than I'd be comfortable with. I sometimes wonder whether I shouldn't watch.
22. Strong argument makes my stomach hurt. But I can't back away from an argument.
23. I'd be happy if my future looks mostly like my present.
24. I feel lucky to have met most of the people I know. There are some I'd still like to meet.
25. The Apple Music Store is a very, very cool thing.
26. I don't drink more than about once a month.
27. Except when I'm on a hot-buttered-rum kick, but that's mostly a dessert.
28. I'm a weird person but amid my crowd, it's easy to forget.
29. I've not really experimented with debauchery.
30. I pretty much look like me no matter how I'm dressed. Though I looked like someone else in a wedding dress, I'm pretty sure.
31. I'm not crazy about my physical condition, but have mostly been too lame to do very much about it.
32. I almost never stay upset at someone across a night's sleep. Though incremental annoyance will slowly pile up.
33. Incoming stuff to do either gets done efficiently or gets procrastinated badly. The sorting between the two is very eccentric.
34. I'm more of a cat person than a dog person, though I think dogs are actually better pets, and I'm allergic to cats. Go figure.
35. I hate letting issues go unresolved, and admit I find compromising with things I think are Just Wrong, distasteful. I'd be a better person if I could get over that last bit.
36. There is such a thing as human nature. Some of us manage to do better than that.
37. I deal with anxiety by talking it out, the same way I deal with everything.
38. I don't enjoy being the center of attention except among people I know very well.
39. I enjoy picking off scabs, although I've tried to train myself out of it. But eww, I don't think anyone really wanted to know that.
40. I can't imagine living by myself.
41. I enjoy receiving thoughtful gifts, though I often feel guilty about not reciprocating. I enjoy giving gifts and can be generous about it,and will sometimes randomly do so when a good gift idea presents itself.
42. I want to be wanted. But I've gotten over needing to be told.
43. I've enjoyed travelling when other people suggest it, but rarely think of it myself.
44. I'm a very good friend, but sometimes I have miscommunications with people about the status of our relationship to each other.
45. I don't actually know how to solve catastrophic relationship issues.
46. I know myself pretty well and accept my flaws while still working to sand them down.
47. I am not now, nor have I ever been trendy.
48. I very much want to be liked and admired, and I hate to be thought badly of. I try not to let this affect my behavior.
49. I appreciate instant messaging systems.
50. The general rituals of my life are small and homey, rather than large. But getting married was a good large ritual.
51. I enjoy comfortable silences. Though they don't work with everyone.
52. I think I have the relationship with each of my exes that they want to have with me.
53. Alcohol is not my drug of choice.
54. I'm doing okay, financially.
55. I have no need to experiment with hallucinogenic drugs.

56. I buy CDs. I also buy CDs for tirinian sometimes (birthday, Christmas, whatever). Then I can pretend they're mine and listen to them too.
57. I don't fake normalcy, and in general I find it doesn't matter... I get a reputation as a bit eccentric but generally relatable to among "normals". I'm lucky to have so far only worked at places that I didn't think I had to pretend to be someone I wasn't.
58. I love my current relationship.
59. I prefer pretty much any mode of communication to phone calls.
60. I tend to be protective of people I love. I only try to intentionally change people I'm in a relationship with.
61. I admire performers. But I think reality TV participants are fools.
62. I celebrate the complexity of the people in my life.
63. I love music, though I don't like all of it. I wish I did.
64. I would miss having conversation more than most other things.
65. My mother, oddly, doesn't really seem to be aging; I'm not sure how I'll feel when she does.
66. I don't appreciate a lot of weather when it's happening, but I'd miss it if I lived somewhere more placid.
67. I actively loathe how I look in pictures.
68. I still enjoy learning new things.
69. The idea of having kids terrifies me more than it appeals to me.
70. I hate when I work really hard on something, and then everyone doesn't care, or doesn't like it. But one person being psyched by it is sufficient.
71. I'm arrogant about the things I'm good at. But I try to be nice about it.
72. I often feel alone in a crowded room. But not always.
73. I'm probably more reserved than touchy-feely, but I don't leap and scream when startled by shoulder rubs.
74. I enjoy the holiday season, but not for the standard commercial reasons. But really, I don't think anyone does enjoy it just for the standard commercial reasons.
75. I love having my own car.
76. I enjoy having a reasonably close-knit community living right around me within shouting distance. It's good to be home.
77. I try not to be late. I mostly don't mind it when other people are.
78. I vaguely prefer dark colors, but I mostly like all of them.
79. I wear a fair amount of black, I guess, but don't think about it much.
80. Life is boring if you aren't creating something, somewhere.
81. I think my lifestyle is reasonably sane.
82. I'm shy about dancing in public.
83. I'm not particularly materialistic in terms of valuing things, but I do value the freedom that certain things (and money) give me... for example, computers free me to have more interesting conversations with a wider range of people. And play games.
84. Creativity is judged by other people.
85. I have several strongly held ethical beliefs. I try not to object when other people don't hold them, for most of them.
86. I LIKE being female ...but I resent being considered something "other" because of it.
87. Gay marriage is the first thing I'm an activist about. And while I believe in trying to understand the opposition's reasons, this is one of the few cases where I cannot manage it.
88. I am a very lucky person. I often take that for granted, though I try to remind myself of it.
89. My bed is pretty comfortable.
90. I might spend too much time doing online stuff but when I'm cut off it doesn't bother me. But I've not actually been cut off for more than a week or so, in recent memory.
91. I try to be tactful rather than blunt.
92. I enjoy having gone on road trips, though flying is a lot faster.
93. I enjoy buying fresh ingredients, cooking with them, eating what I cook, and serving it to others. I never cook just for me.
94. Being smart and having a good memory are different things. 95. A thesaurus is a good friend to have. I don't use the physical object, but I use "th" all the time.
96. My misadventures have usually made good stories. 97. I don't mind disagreeing. I enjoy arguing with the right people. I really dislike fighting.
98. I don't own a house, but I covet one.
99. Science Fiction is one of my favorite genres. I enjoy fantasy and murder mysteries, though often as a guilty pleasure. I think I should read more nonfiction than I do.
100. I enjoy movies as a form of entertainment.

101. My background is upper-middle-class suburban white, with hippie-liberal indoctrination.
102. I'm not fond of the smell of incense usually.

103. I like staying up late. But I get up at the same time in the morning anyway.
104. I'm much more comfortable offering favors than asking for them.
105. I never got good at swimming, because I hate water in my eyes.
106. I wish I knew many useful, yet strange skills.
107. I don't care about the colours of my phone.

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