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Not New Zealand - Qualified Perceptions
Not New Zealand
So, I've typed in all the travel diaries (through Day 14), and photoshopped the pictures through Day 11, and captioned the pictures through Day 7. So no looking yet. (Well, you could look, but it's incomplete.) :)

Thus, other random things.

It's Restaurant Week, and I've actually been to two restaurants! harrock and I went to Bomboa before the Lyric Stage. My salad was reasonably good, though the lettuce was fairly finely shredded, making it differenly pesky to eat than when the pieces are too big. harrock's mussels were in a remarkable broth - lemon and coriander, I think - with what seemed to be sprouted capers. I'd never had such a thing before; they had the salt and greenish taste of capers, but none of the vinegar. (Maybe just because they'd been cooked a long time in the broth?) We were happily eating caper-things out of the broth when they showed up with the main courses. My salmon was quite tasty, with a nice crisped skin, and an interesting mix of other bits (sweet potato, something green, something bitter). harrock's flank steak, though, I greatly coveted after having a taste. Very flavorful meat, good sear, well seasoned, generally very yummy.

Then chenoameg and I went to Zephyr on the Charles. The view was good, but I would have felt better taking advantage of it had it not required staring through the people sitting next to us. There was much accidental flinging of knives onto the floor, both by me and by the waitstaff (I think they were just doing it to make me feel less embarassed). My soup with chorizo bits was tastier than pea soup has any right to be, and was nicely Spicy and Warming after much Walking Through Cold. In remembrance of harrock's steak, I got steak this time, again with a good sear and good seasoning. (Maybe a little less flavor, as flank steak seems to be less tender but more flavorful? Or maybe it was just tastier yesterday because it was someone else's.) chenoameg's "brown rice polenta" was - wait, no, that was "brown rice paella". That makes so much more sense now than it did at the time. And her potato-encrusted fish (cod?) was tasty too.

Souvenir, at the Lyric, was interesting. I can understand the self-confidence that shades into delusion - when I bought off my disad in "worried about looking foolish" it required some amount of assumption that I don't look foolish. And it kind of has to be an unwarranted assumption, or I spend too much time wondering. The other side of the coin is the Harry Chapin song, Mr. Tanner, in which the singer is convinced to sing in public but then gets harshed on by the critics, and never sings again. I'd be more likely to react like Mr. Tanner than Florence Foster Jenkins, but I have a bit of envy for the happy delusion. "He sang from his heart, and he sang from his soul. He did not know how well he sang - it just made him whole." When I sing, mostly to myself or in the shower, then the music in my head is beautiful too.
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From: readsalot Date: March 10th, 2007 01:24 am (UTC) (Link)
You can get salt-packed capers; I've done that a couple of times for making tapenade. They're not vinegary, but still caper-like. However, you have to soak them really well, or else whatever you put them into ends up too salty.
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