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"Back Zip Hoodie" - Qualified Perceptions
"Back Zip Hoodie"
I was paging through the Lion Brand Yarn catalog that arrived today, and spotted the following baby sweater.
When a sweater has a zipper in it, at least the sweaters I've seen, the side with the zipper is the side with the openings. So, quite obviously, since the zipper on this sweater is on the back, the front has no openings. It's a sweater for the children of the Faceless Crimson Cultists. Creepy.

Current Mood: unnerved

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cfox From: cfox Date: March 25th, 2007 01:07 am (UTC) (Link)
Better hope the kid is bald, too.

I guess it solves the problem of detachable zippers being a pain to do up on someone else, but I do hope it's not a weapon for the parent-who-obsesses-over-whether-child-is-warm.
mijven From: mijven Date: March 25th, 2007 04:36 pm (UTC) (Link)

My guys had hoodies where the hood zipped up like this. The elf is wearing his brother's now, and just LOVES it. (It doesn't hurt that it's Elmo.) I sort of like the fact that the hood lies flat down the back once unzipped (in case I want to put another jacket over it, and still be fit him comfortably in his 5-point car seats or such.)

Besides, the mouse has broken SO MANY zippers just absentmindedly playing with them. So yeah, I think I could approve of this design!
arcanology From: arcanology Date: March 25th, 2007 01:32 am (UTC) (Link)

Faceless Crimson Cultists are people.

People have children.

So of course you need sweaters for those children.
merastra From: merastra Date: March 25th, 2007 04:22 am (UTC) (Link)
Solves the problem where kids like to shed their clothes and then lose them. ;-)
readsalot From: readsalot Date: March 25th, 2007 08:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
I would think it makes it worse--since this zips down the back, it could separate into two pieces. So they could lose only one half.
firstfrost From: firstfrost Date: March 25th, 2007 08:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
I *think*, from the picture, that the two sides are still connected at the top. But mijven has actually seen them, and can probably also reassure me that there are holes for the face. :)
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