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Accidentally dropped five questions... - Qualified Perceptions
Accidentally dropped five questions...
Oops, forgot to post this set before.

Questions from quillion:
A friendly tribe of Indians has given you an Indian name, but it is wildly inappropriate. What is it?
This is the question that stalled me most, as I felt compelled to be witty but wasn't actually able to come up with anything very clever. So I'll just go with Dances-With-Centipedes, as they're my least favorite critter ever.
What is your ideal day like?
Hmm. Early autumn, jacket weather but you don't have to zip up your jacket. Call it a Saturday, so I get to sleep in a little and eat waffles, and then it has enough time to do something fun by myself (like play a computer game that's still in the "exciting and new" stage, or watch Dr. Who episodes and knit) and something fun with friends (like a Comet or Conflux run, or going to the theater or out to dinner).
You suddenly realize that you will totally lose your episodic memory sometime in the next ten to ninety seconds. What are the first thirty words you write down for your amnesiac self?
Take the blinky helmet *off* your head. You're married to harrock, ask him to brief you. Your kerberos password is XXXXX.
What was your undergraduate experience like?
Slightly lazy, unfortuantely. I thought I wanted to be a math major when I arrived, but differential equations scarred me. 7.03 was a lot of fun, so I decided I must want to be bio; in retrospect, I think it was the puzzle-solving aspect of genetics (and then 5.12) that I enjoyed, and not the actual subjects. I never took anything in course 6, which I wish I had, because then I might have gone that way instead. I did pretty well but not spectacularly; I never did anything crazy like take more classes than would fit in my schedule. My mom complained, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that she sent me to MIT and the first year I had learned how to knit and the second year I had learned how to pick locks. Probably the best thing I did was join the Guild and hook up with the other role-players in Random, because that's what has built me a social circle for the decades *since* I was an undergraduate.
What is some cool thing I should try but haven't, as far as you know?
A splashy spinning jetboat ride down a river? Sing four-part harmony with people in one of the resonant lobbies around campus? Do the five-person art project meme!

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