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Weekend of Stuff - Qualified Perceptions
Weekend of Stuff
Friday evening was Twelve Angry Jurors. Nicely done, and well acted. The script manages to distinguish twelve people, and the actors really made everyone distinct and generally believable. There were some awkward notes (for me) caused most by gender and to a lesser extent by race; no matter how liberated I am, there are lines and attitudes that just don't ring true for me coming from a woman, even a very convincing one. And when one of the character's attitudes is "*their* kind is junkier than *our* kind", I wanted the black woman to be more involved. Still, the disconnects probably made me think about it more than I might have otherwise, especially with all the conversations about Identity I've been having recently. I also note that the TAJ argument mechanic seems very related to the Phoenix Ace courtroom mechanic; it's all about finding the Contradictions and exploiting them. I could just see having the glasses in your inventory and clicking "PRESENT", on the testimony of the old woman.

Saturday was lunch with Errol, and grocery shopping for Thanksgiging, and then the extended dance remix of the Importance of being Earnest, starring justom and the Guy Who Looks Like John Cleese. Also described as "Watching Tom Eat for Three Hours" That was a lot of fun, and I pretty much adored everyone in it. (Odd, they made tGWLLJC the one to look more like Oscar Wilde, but justom was the character with all the Wildean asides to the audience and bon mots.) I'd never been to the theater in the Cambridge YMCA before - it's quite charming. Our little mob had to resort to actually putting on our jackets to convince Tom to come and talk to us; I'm not sure what we would have done if that hadn't worked, maybe gone out into the lobby to get more brownies. Anyway, that amused me far more than it ought to have, but after three hours of Earnest nitwittery, pretty much everything was amusing.

Today was another Bueno Queso Social Club, which is a cheese-wine-and-other-stuff thing run by one of the cheese experts from Formaggio Kitchen, with a bonus wine expert. It's always fun to listen to people go on at length about things that they're passionate about, and it's even better when the subject is one that interests me. I still remain not very fond of red wines; I think it's the tannins, and think that may also be why I've never really become a tea person.

Anyway, it's been a very pleasant weekend.

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