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dinner! - Qualified Perceptions
Whee. A day of cooking, among other things. I experimented with a couple of things that caught my attention on food_porn: autumn pie (apples, cranberries, raisins, currants, a whole pile of nutmeg...), balsamic butternut squash, mushroom/pecan pate. Plus "Disgusting Orange Chicken", which is always easy and tasty.

Fed harrock, tirinian, and mjp - four is a good number to cook for, it doesn't all turn into leftovers, and a casserole dish is about the right amount.

Whenever I cook, I end up thinking that I should cook more, as opposed to my normal weekday meals of veggies or pasta. Chopping things up with a sharp knife is strangely gratifying. Stirring things in a saucepan until they get soft and smell different. Anything with balsamic vinegar or olive oil. I could live without chopping onions, but the result is usually worth it.

Cooking is always a tangible (if small) accomplishment, done in a short measurable time frame. Nobody can tell the mistakes ("Oops, I forgot the quarter cup orange juice. Well, it still tastes like pie..."). Cooking recipients are usually enthusiastic - and sometimes they even wash the dishes!

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