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Cucumbers are the new Toothbrushes

The Amelia/Isabelle dynamics have a lot of "the only toy that will make me happy is the one that you are playing with right now". However, Amelia is able to negotiate (Isabelle, not so much yet). In exchange for letting Isabelle play with the Easter Bird, I gave Amelia a Larry the Cucumber toy -- and then, hours later, when there was more angst about the Easter Bird, I reminded Amelia of the bargain and she immediately stopped being sad about it. While I am not surprised that the first exchange worked, the second one impressed me.

Good point: the cucumber proved to be a sharable toy.
Bad point: cucumbers are not the most durable of toys, and by the second day, needed some first aid.

(I really need to reorganize the niece pictures so they're not in separate directories...)
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