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The Rolly Place

As is traditional for nearly all lunches without shumashi (and about half of the lunches with her), mjperson and I went to the Rolly Place for lunch. The thing about the Rolly Place is, all the benches have rolly feet, and the tables are very very small, so the seating configuration is very adjustable. (They're a club, in the evenings). Probably because of that, their check-generating software doesn't use table numbers the way most places do, but instead has a string that they type in. We've been seated at DARKCORNER or MIDDLE2 or PINKWALL (PINKWALL is when we first noticed this custom, on a day that both Mike and I were wearing pink. But I think he was the Pinkwall, because he was seated against the wall, and had the Very Pink Sweater on).

Anyway, every so often I remember to look at the string, because it's amusing. Today, Mike was paying, and he sent the bill back with his credit card. I said "oh, I forgot to look at where we were." Mike noted "We'll know that we've really arrived when it doesn't have a location, it just says 'those guys'".

Then, the bill came back, and our location was "Regulars".

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