First Frost of Autumn (firstfrost) wrote,
First Frost of Autumn

Thus Endeth the Octopus Wars

Octopus Prime has won the Octopus Wars, and is the new Lord of Darkwallow Pond. Whee! As far as Learning Adventures go, it was great fun (mysql, php, RSS, and needle felting!). As far as "players will do anything if you tell them it's a mechanic", even better. We didn't really go very far out of our way to take pictures with Tentaculus (though I did drag mjperson on a chandelier hunt one day after work), but the number of octopodes who went halfway around the world, or to the tops of mountains, or just set up some lovely art amazed me.

Anyway, quasi-sequel Octopus Quest, coming soon to a pond near you, for those whose octopodes are still interested in adventures, or for those who have always wanted to have an octopus to go on adventures with but never got around to it.

I suspect, also, that I will forever be marked as an Octopus Person at this point, the way marcusmarcusrc is a Cow Person. I was a Cthulhu Person before, but that's completely different. But after making close to forty crocheted octopodes, plus sidekicks, the little guys are really starting to grow on me. Plus this and this have some pretty amazing octopodes in them.
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