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Socks! - Qualified Perceptions
These guys are finally finished, after spending some time languishing as my Weekly Meeting Knitting project. They're a perfect example of how the camera does not match the eye - the color, to my eye, is richer and more varied than seems to show up here. (Compare the photo to the scan, and then go one more iteration in that direction.)

I really like this pattern as an example of the tensions that drive knitting. Each stitch is linked to the stitches beside it, but also to the ones above and below - so when you have travelling stitches that move their horizontal position, the above/below tensions are actually slanted rather than at 90 degrees to the left/right tension. This is what causes the curves - the pattern itself goes "slant 1, slant 1, slant 1, straight, straight, straight". If you drew it, it would be a trapezoid, not a smooth arc. But everything is pulling - come this way, like me - so it sort of averages out and pulls together. Or, alternately, pulls apart. Take a look at the bits in the center (of the second picture) that look like ladders. That's two twisted stitches next to each other. But the thick curves are also made of (two pairs of) two twisted stitches next to each other. In the one case, the above/below tensions are pulling the columns of stitches away from each other, and in the other, they're always going in the same direction, and nestle happily together. I keep being tempted to annotate it all with vectors. :)


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