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Weekend - Qualified Perceptions
There was a lot of stuff this weekend, but then, it was four days, so that's not too surprising.
  • Thursday was Thanksgiving (with shopping and bonus prep work Wednesday night). It was me and harrock and ilhander and Kye, with desireearmfeldt and fredrickegerman making guest appearances for the snacks and cheese course. Food included brined turkey, cheddar pepper scones, succotash with edamame (amusingly, the only frozen shelled edamame I could find were the Dora the Explorer snack packs), moroccon carrot salad, potatoes with shallot confit, spinach salad with bacon apples, sausae chestnut stuffing, and pumpkin ginger pie.
  • Friday I got lured into the now-almost-traditional Black Friday trip to Wrentham (this time with ilhander and treiza), which is also traditionally not as crowded as you'd think. We did not accidentally drive to Cape Cod, yay! Then a late late lunch, and hanging about at twinknj with the newly acquired algorithmancy and then eventually also harrock (who had to go to work, alas). Somewhere between twinknj and home, my glasses seem to have vanished, which I think must mean algorithmancy has them. [Edit to add: Yes! He does! Yay!]
  • Saturday I worked on the program for Pirates while harrock went to games at... hmm, does desireearmfeldt and fredrickegerman's house not have a name? Then there was marcusmarcusrc's plan of Capitol Steps (very funny), and then Mob Dinner. We investigated a new shabu shabu place in Harvard Square (where Penang once was); the service still kind of has the training wheels on, but the soup was yummy, and they did bring around a rolly cart with more vegetables. After that we wandered to justom's where there was cheese (not that we were hungry, but you can hardly go to twinknj without someone brandishing cheeses at you), and that started the Great Cheese Trouble with tallou, which is entirely beyond me to explain.
  • Today was shumashi's plan of Soweto Gospel Choir with bonus Lunch. A very different sort of singing group than the Capitol Steps, but lovely and full of energy and brightly colored. By the time I got back, harrock had left for London, but I am finding these little postits with hugs written on them scattered around my stuff. Awww. :)

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