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Player Telepathy - Qualified Perceptions
Player Telepathy
Players are often telepathic. They guess the secret ending to the plot, they guess the backstory that was supposed to come out over many clues and much time. They randomly leap to the right conclusion far too early. tirinian does this to us in Oath all the time, in particular, and the only thing that saves us is that only 50% of his guesses are eerily right, and he doesn't know which 50%.

I got to do it in Auria today. I never accidentally guess right in Auria - the GM and I just don't think similarly enough. But this once, I randomly leapt into the end of the riddle path. Woo!

The party has returned precipitously from the campaign against orcs, to the capital, because we have heard there is Red Plague. Red Plague is caused by necromancers (we hate those guys), and we're immune to disease, so we decide to go and try and find the people causing it. But the city is under quarantine, so we can't just go run around openly or people would fuss about the fact that we're here. So the sneak thief and the detective start the slow task of sifting through information about the start of the plague, and the rest of us are waiting for someone to find a clue, since we're not so sneaky.

Trying to think of something I can do in the meantime other than crouch, Batman-like, on a roof looking for Nefarious Evildoers, I suggest "Well, we could go look in that chamber under the palace we found the bad guys in, what was it, four years ago? Whatever happened with that?" At the time, we had told the people in charge, and they had Dealt. But, the entrance is in the sewers, so it's somewhere we non-sneakies can go. harrock says yeah, why don't you go do that, that'll keep you out of trouble for a while.

We wander down to the entrance. Yup, it's bricked up, looks like it's been bricked up for the several years since we were here last. Oh well. But since we're here, maybe our junior mentalist (the real mentalist is off doing the Important Investations) can check for people behind the wall. No, he doesn't have the range. Ah, but our arcanist can buff his range. That works. Yep, there's someone there.


There's someone there? Really? Behind the brick wall? (there's lots of magic, so getting past a wall isn't that unreasonable a thing - it's just the idea that there's someone actually there that has astonished us.). Still suspecting a trick of some sort, I cast "detect enemies", and sure enough, he's an enemy. Well, okay, then. We tunnel through the wall, and fall upon him. He's not really expecting to be jumped from enemies appearing through his wall, so down he goes. We stuff him in a mage helmet to bring back to be interrogated.

Boy, is the detective going to be disappointed.

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