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Music! - Qualified Perceptions
It didn't start as the best of mornings, but then the Davis Square T stop had a band! I am somewhat pleased that some back corner of my brain was able to unearth the word "klezmer" to identify the music for me, though I think if you had asked me yesterday what klezmer was, I would guessed wildly that it involved accordions. Anyway - one clarinet, one fiddle, one trombone, and one bass, and they were amazing. (In particular, I was impressed by the trombonist, because I could tell that he was really good and making it all sound easy. (No slight to the other musicians, I just used to play trombone)).

I stayed through one train (ostensibly to wait with harrock for a Braintree train), and I picked up a card - for Nathaniel Seelen, the clarinet player - some investigation suggests that these were probably Nogoodniks Parade (or maybe Nogoodnik Parade?) Twitter says they are Ezekiel's Wheels.

They were picking up more money than anyone I've seen in the T yet, so maybe they'll come back again. (Though even "more money than anyone else" divided by four still might not be much more than paying for lunch later...)
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