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I'm On A Boat (well, not any more) - Qualified Perceptions
I'm On A Boat (well, not any more)
Last week was spent on an Actual Cruise Ship (along with harrock, mjperson and shumashi), as part of JoCo Cruise Crazy, sort of like a Nerd Concert Extravaganza in the lap of luxury surrounded by beaches. Whee!

Thoughts, in no particular order:
  • I'm not normally a beaches person, but it was nice to have this time sandwiched between snowpocalypsen, in which I could frolic in the ocean and river and sit under a palm tree drinking fruity things and reading. The interaction between Nerd Culture and Cruise Culture was also amusing - we were pretty much the only people who had an instinct to Get In Line Early, so before the concerts, the line would go back through the casino, everyone else would look at us funny, and waiters would float up and down the line asking if anyone wanted drinks. There were towel animals. And an Eggs Benedict Bar at breakfast. And lots of random lounges that one could lurk in to have secret meetings.
  • I have a renewed appreciation for Jonathan Coulton, Will and Storm, and John Hodgman, and a new appreciation for Wil Wheaton and Peter Sagal (who I knew as a radio guy but not as a blogger, despite having been heart-warmed by his reaction to the Horton Hears a Who movie).
  • It was easy enough to keep track of Jerry, but it was often a challenge to meet up with Mike or Marleigh, since nobody wanted to turn on roaming charges on their cell phone. Searching the ship for someone did sometimes work, but searching Half Moon Cay was harder.
  • Jerry says I switch into knitting on a timer, like a screensaver. That's about right; I tended to be carrying my knitting bag rather than my purse, so it was more true than it normally is. There were a lot of other knitters, and we seem to find each other by mutual magnetism. (I was, however, disappointed in their nerd cred, when I explained that I was working on a crochet [hidden project redacted] and the answer was always "What's [redacted]?". I would probably have had better luck with the Tardis Socks, which will get another post later.) On the other hand, being nerds, they will no doubt all have looked it up on Wikipedia by now.

Current Mood: relaxed relaxed
Current Music: Jonathan Coulton stuck in my head

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