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Qualified Perceptions
12:04 am: Testing, testing - 1 comment
11:28 pm: Books, Unenjoyable and Enjoyable
12:25 am: ((no subject))
02:13 am: Accomplishments
01:36 am: games of houses
06:55 pm: Simple technical solutions to complex ethical problems
10:37 am: More Puzzles!
09:55 pm: I want a new thermostat
05:20 pm: Midnight Street Cleaners!
12:44 am: Fall, at last
12:10 am: When Pigs Fly
10:45 am: did I put on the blinky helmet? - 2 comments
07:02 pm: When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a clock. - 1 comment
10:04 am: testing, testing, take two
10:44 pm: Lady with (not really) a Lapdog
09:59 pm: Idle Hands are the Devil's, um, something or another.