September 8th, 2003


Testing, testing

[tap tap] Is this thing on? Hello, can you hear me?

Web journals seem such a strange thing, posting a diary to the world. Like personal zephyr classes (mine seems to have acquired the dedicated charter of Mocking Me About Work, which is less of an ego trip than I was given to understand that personal zephyr classes would be). Throwing thoughts into the void is at worst a waste of time, but throwing thoughts and having them caught by other people is worthwhile, however eccentric the path from me to thee.

And more people seemed to look at my Socks web log than I expected, so perhaps there's people listening after all. :)
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Books, Unenjoyable and Enjoyable

Book one: The Fifth Ring. This one was just Bad. Five Rings of Power, of which there used to be millions but these are the only ones not destroyed. And they make the wearer nigh-omnipotent. Wonder how they managed when there were more. Oh, and the rings aren't magic, they're just part of the Old Technology from the before-time, including what sounds like a Lamborghini (which of course I know about because of Back to the Future). For the love plot, I would be reminded of Wheel of Time, except that there's less Sniffing. The narration has an annoying chatty tone - I disapprove of phrases like "It was probably because he was so tall" without a viewpoint character thinking them.

Book two: Years of Rice and Salt. I'm willing to concede to popular opinion that this is a good book. And Kim Stanley Robinson can certainly write. But I wish it had been interesting, at least, the 150 pages I finished before giving up. There's a great setting. In fact, many great settings so far. But there isn't any plot! I would briefly lose my place and I couldn't be bothered to go back and re-read the page I had missed, because I knew I wouldn't have missed anything. I think I will just have to file him in with C. J. Cherryh as "Good author I just can't read."

Book three: Style and Substance by Judith Martin. It's actual fiction, written by Miss Manners. It feels to me like a 70's movie, sun-drenched Technicolor ocean and bright sun, and there's these little twists of dialogue that make it clear it's Miss Manners:

I may know little more about it than a beautiful woman knows about the mining and cutting and classifying of the jewels she wears, but it is her neck for which the jewels are made, and it is rightly the owner, not the miner or cutter or setter, who receives compliments on their behalf.

On the other hand, I've never read a Miss Manners book where anyone says "Holy shit!" before. A little disconcerting.

(Book 3 is borrowable; the other two were MITSFS)

Today's accomplishments:
  • 123 Fiddly Bits at Work
  • One perl script
  • Five timing scripts for Thief 3
  • Last structural part of the Torso Sock completed.