September 14th, 2003



The Pink Cabled Sweater has been delivered to mjp. He's getting close to his goal to have more than 50% of my entire sweater output, and certainly he's a gratifying sweater recipient, as he does pretty much wear them all winter.

Time to start on socks again for a little while; the current project is the Wacky Black and Red sock for quillion, which has cuff and bobbles done. Whee.

After today's Oath run, one of the players said, basically, "I know people don't say this much, but I wanted to say how much I appreciate the run and all the work that goes into it." That was neat. I tend to divide my players into the ones who visibly enjoy themselves and don't much complain, and the ones who mostly complain. It's almost strange to have a category of players who says *nice* things routinely. Our social circle is one that is much more comfortable offering criticism - when we're good, it's constructive useful criticism, and not just sniping - than praise. Praise is awkward, even embarassing.

That's kinda sad. :-\

[To be, myself, awkward and praisey, tirinian's run is the most amazing, moving, and fun work of art I have ever had the opportunity to play in. Alas, he believes in endings, but at least it's one of those Robert Jordan size trilogies and won't be done for a while yet.]
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