September 16th, 2003


games of houses

Tonight's Comet run was a sharply delineated mix of far-too-easy victory, and inexorable destruction. The two bad guys fell over nearly trivially (well, one didn't really count, she'll be back), but then we ended up with choices of:

  1. Take the major conspirators hostage and run their houses. Short term gains, but really annoys the merchant houses.
  2. Talk the major conspirators out of their plot. For the moment. Just means they'll rebel again later.
  3. Kill them. This means their houses won't be much use in the eventual invasion (as opposed to the civil war, or the other civil war, that the country is currently experiencing).

Out of these lovely choices, we tried for 2, but failed to prevent 3. And more of the blood-dimmed tide is loosed upon 'al Jabar.

(Not that I object to doom. One just needs to Remark upon it...)
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