September 28th, 2003


testing, testing, take two

Wow, there's an emacs mode? I wonder if this works...

Woo. It does work. I've learned something new today. I wish that were true for more days. Friday I learned that there was a limit on the number of permission entries in AFS (which I really should have known already), and Saturday I learned that mjp and I need to be more serious in designing opposition that can take down the Oath party (which I also know already). The last real thing I learned was how to make perl talk to http, but that was a pretty good one. I can convert moira lists to mailman lists without having to go through the Damn Clicky Web GUI. (Hmm. Maybe next, mblanche to go with rblanche... :) )
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Lady with (not really) a Lapdog

Saw Lady with a Lapdog at the ART tonight (a wedding present of season tickets! Woo!). I do plan to keep track to see what percentage of the season involves Lying On The Stage; so far it's one for one.

I've been trying to think how to describe it. Not "a play by Chekhov" - more like "a short story by Chekhov, competitively narrated by its characters." I very much liked the actors, especially the two principals - both verbally and physically very interesting. The female lead sounded Russian to me, which I eventually decided meant "Sounded like Susan Ivanova", which is probably not a perfect reference for sounding Russian (tone, not accent, and don't bother telling me Claudia Christian isn't Russian, I'm assuming she's an actor too...). The set was interesting (and had the ART penchant for Very Large Pieces of Cloth), and included a lot of sand to scuff about.

The thing that was most lost on me was the use of exponentially Shatnerian pauses. I had no idea how much I depend on normal conversational phrasing to keep an entire sentence in my head. I would just have forgotten the beginning of the sentence by the time the end rolled around.

"The train......... departed.... quickly... its lights....... vanishing."

Too many for me. :)
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