September 29th, 2003


Idle Hands are the Devil's, um, something or another.

So mjperson was clamoring for the All Sweaters All The Time page (to compete with the previously mentioned Socks page). So I made one, and lo, he's beating my sister in total number after all.

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Pictures of sweaters are still an iffy thing, and in this case also an object lesson in color balance. All the mjp sweaters are on the same blue sheet, and all the jess sweaters are on a (different) same blue sheet. But they all look like completely different colors, one via a digital camera, one via a film camera. The last one (the pink Torso Sock) is certainly clearer than any of the digital pictures, but it's not at all the whole sweater. Ah well. Another characteristic in favor of socks - they fit on the scanner.
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