October 10th, 2003


Blinky Helmet Ho!

Okay, I've officially gone to a Vatican meeting. I'm sure I could have held out and waffled longer, but playing hard to get is tacky if the end result is likely to be saying yes. I'd sort of forgotten how utterly mad the Umbrella Plot Technique is when used in full GM-team-mode; we successfully demonstrated it once, to moderately good effect.

You start with a guy with an umbrella. Then you explain what sort of umbrella it is, and what he's doing with it, and what he wants now that he has his umbrella. Then you figure out what he has instead of an umbrella, and take his umbrella away again, so you have it back to use in your next plot.

For example: There's this guy, with an umbrella. It's a white umbrella, and he has a rival who has a black umbrella. They can't actually fight directly, because they'd break their umbrellas. Instead, um, the people who stand under their umbrellas in the rain get a little bit more black and a little bit more white, and they're keeping score. So now you have the plot of the incarnations of Good and Evil from Calypso, with the doing favors and score keeping. And the incarnations don't really have umbrellas, so away they go again.

I suspect visage will be the one I clash with most about the low level ideals, but I think we've both mellowed enough that there won't be any biting. We'll have to see.
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