October 12th, 2003


Empty Day

Today is the first day I've had in a long time with nothing to do. (Yup, my calendar confirms this. Yesterday Oath. Last weekend, Titanic and mad dinner. Weekend before that, Oath and Lady with a Lapdog (my fingers tried very hard to type Lady with a Laptop there). Weekend before that, Lexington art and King Richard's Faire. Weekend before that, September 14th was free.

And it's grey and rainy out. Seems like the sort of day I should just stay in bed.

Oath was okay. Not one of our more brilliant runs, though there was the moment where people figured out what was actually going on with the Star (the psychic artifact they were trying to recover) and why the Hegemons were getting weird precog flashes, that gave everyone nice terrible expressions. Dr. Cain is my favorite adversary, but we do have to keep him offstage - I'm sure if the party actually catches him, he's going out an airlock.

There are, as always, little undercurrents of personality clashes going on in the run, and they've been irritating me more this week than they often do. Hopefully the mood will pass, even if the clashes don't.
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