October 13th, 2003


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It's still been a lazy weekend, but I'm cheerier about it today. Happily, I am easily placated when irritated. Fetched justom from the airport ("Curse you! You have thwarted my plans to take the subway!"), which as far as being productive goes, doesn't rank very high, but other than that it's been working on the New Sock and reading and starting The Longest Journey. This last is a not-very-new adventure game, which I'm enjoying quite a lot. The main character is nicely snide, the characterization is realistic and fun, the voice acting is very good, the puzzles aren't Horribly Stupid so far (though I admit I'm wish there were better methods for hunting for the interactive bits on any given screen, but that's a game flaw most of the time).

(Another pro for this game: it doesn't require Extra Spiffy Graphics, so I can play it on the laptop and not have to fight with tirinian over the computer.)

Muse of the day: So the above has been my day. One will note that there's no appearance of harrock there (he's been plotting stories with katya and then off to the Game Meeting). I sometimes think it's a little weird that so much of our time is spent doing separate things; even when we're just both puttering about, I'm usually puttering upstairs and he downstairs. Though that's largely a function of still having the two apartments in the one building, with separate living rooms that we've already colonized with all our toys, and that's even weirder.

I'm happy with how things are. I just think they're eccentric, that this isn't what being married is supposed to be like. That if some external force were grading my life, I'd be marked down on points for not following the rules. (Like being marked down for working for I/S after getting a PhD in immunology. I'm sure that's a black mark too). justom would say "worry less," which is probably the correct answer.
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