October 15th, 2003


Writing, and more Writing

Whee. One set of comments on creature barks turned around. They seem to have great faith that I can make things shorter and more expressive at the same time, but I've spent my life in Thief cutting words here and there. (The most challenging is cutscene dialogue, which has the official Movie Script Format, and then has to be "under three pages" or whatever. No extraneous letters there).

Finally got the Oath log posted, which means it's time to putter through the dozens of emails the players have sent with what they're doing. This set seems to involve a lot more long answers, between people getting letters and having conversations and going on experimental meanderings about the city and digging up history. The long ones are always a little slower to start, but they progress okay, if I just look at one paragraph at a time.
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