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Qualified Perceptions
iTunes for Windows. Oooh. I could easily be lured into buying too many random single songs (no doubt their intent, but, like Amazon, I'm willing to grant that they deserve my money for offering to sell me Stuff I Want). 99 cents is perfect - if I was looking for one song in particular, I'd be loth to buy an entire CD, but I'd feel guilty about napstering (is that no longer the right verb? kazaaing?) it.

At work, we keep getting mail about layoffs. Paper mail (addressed to me personally! Okay, it's a mail-merged letter, but still disconcerting) explaining downsizing, and why I/S is likely to lose lots of people. Email this morning talking about people who will be "keeping their current position until November" - I'm sure that's a great comfort to them.

I know I'm doing lots of work, and useful work. And I suspect there's some stuff that nobody'd be doing at all if I wasn't. But I imagine nobody's going to be looking at the things I'm doing, they're going to be looking at things like "Hmm, maybe we can just cut this group entirely. Nobody really uses UNIX any more, do they?" It'd be stupid to be deemed superfluous after I/S has spent the past year taking the boring tasks away from other groups and giving them to us, but I'm finding it a hard time trusting in non-stupidity.

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Quote of the day:

"I keep my computer secure. I don't see why I should be punished because someone else had an insecure computer, and it infected mine."

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