October 19th, 2003


Apple 1, Laura 0

In general I have a lot of respect for Apple. They aren't (in general) randomly junky the way Microsoft is, their hardware and software seems to have a lot of classy bells and whistles without being excessively gaudy about it (well, the Mac default look and feel for Java Swing is pesky, but that's a different rant entirely).

So (as mentioned in a previous entry) when they ported iTunes and the apple music store to Windows, I was psyched. Random singles for my ipod! Woo!

Well, it's a day and a half later and I've been in battle with the ipod for a good deal of that, and I am not particularly victorious.

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On the bright side, I did get eight hours of Thief barks written. So that was productive, if nothing else.
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    Mr. Tanner, Harry Chapin. Not on the ipod, darn it.

Apple 2, Laura 0, but Roderick 1

Who knew the icon of "firewire cable with an arrow" meant "plug it into power"? Well, I'm back to having an ipod instead of a paperweight.

This isn't really the sort of epic adventure I meant to be having this weekend, but I do feel compelled to keep updating with how it goes.