October 23rd, 2003


Politics Part Two

There's a video of the rally on boston.com. If you're well-practiced at identifying faces from a few pixels, you can even make us out in the audience. The bit at the end about how Finneran isn't going to let the bill come to the floor is depressing, though it shouldn't surprise me.

But what's with the "Over a hundred gays and lesbians showed up..." and "Dozens of gay and lesbian couples showed up..." ? Okay, it's true, lots of gays and lesbians showed up. But is it so inconceivable that some of the people who showed up might be straight?

I'm not offended at the idea that I'm a lesbian. But I'm offended at the idea that the only reason I might bother to care about this is that I'm a lesbian.

That's enough crankiness for today. It was actually a pretty good day, which I'll leave for tomorrow.
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