October 24th, 2003


Moms Make Everything Better

Today is the week of Dinner with tirinian's Mom (who frowns when I call her Mrs. Tirinian (It's the original character's last name, okay?), and I cannot bring myself to call her by her first name, so I have to always refer to her in the third person).

Cheesecake Factory Monday, including the reward to mjp for putting new batteries in our smoke alarm (which job she has assigned to him, despite his not living in the building, no doubt due to the actual inhabitents being classed as too lame). Still a weird place with too much food at once, but most of the things are tasty.

Hairspray Wednesday, with dinner at Bonfire before that. Contrary to the Phoenix's initial review, it was not horrible, though we neglected to tell them that we were going to a show and thus were rather rushed at the end. I have a soft spot for both Todd English mad flavors and steaks, so I quite liked it. And "brown butter hollandaise" is the most decadent sauce I've had in a long time.

I liked Hairspray a lot (which is probably why the CD in the house is mine and not tirinian's) - I think I enjoy bouncy 60-pop type songs more than Rodgers and Hammerstein anyway. And while the A plot is segregation/integration, the B plot is "Losers find love and acceptance despite still being losers" which I find charming. ("The rats on the street all dance 'round my feet, they seem to say 'Tracy, it's up to you!' " - love song to a loser neighborhood!)

Tonight, leading a mob to the Monday Club Bar (the downstairs of the upstairs on the square which is not the downstairs of Grendel's, but which used to be where Grendel's was. Got it?) And not letting tirinian's mom pick up the tab again! Then to justom's play. I cannot report on the quality of either of these yet, but I'm sure they'll both be good.
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