October 28th, 2003


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Ever have one of those days where it feels like your eyeballs have gone all squishy and deflated? Or maybe it's just me...

Today and yesterday have been the Days of Fussing with the Ruddigore program. Latex, for all its lovable charm, is not always the best of tools for fidgety layout design, but I am loyal and do not forsake it for such newfangled things as - well, okay, I don't even know what I would forsake it for if I wanted to. Word? Only if by "not fidgety" I mean "not able to fidget anything". Photoshop? Perhaps better for the front cover, but not any sort of multi-page thing.

And I got to write thirty-five bios for home appliances. My current favorite: X is an asparagus steamer. In his brief career, he has steamed the entire Veggie Tales Asparagus family, including patriarch Archibald Asparagus, who played the lead role in Jonah. This puts him only four degrees away from Kevin Bacon.
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