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Qualified Perceptions
Bah. I have harrock's cold. (But I cannot complain about this too much, as it will make him think it's his fault and that's just silly. Plus there's the whole in sickness and in health thing, which pretty much requires some sickness.)

Saw A Man of No Importance this afternoon, and it came with the Bonus Feature of question-and-answer with Terrence McNally. Tirinian even got to ask a question, about (rephrasing) whether happy endings are a more likely convention in musical adaptations than in the things from which they were adapted, and McNally seemed almost defensive (again rephrasing) - it wasn't an oversentimental happy ending! There was a cost to the people involved!

That got me thinking, later - it's like he was saying, it wasn't really a happy ending, because it was zero sum. Alfie ended up happier than in the movie, but the other characters ended up less happy. It wasn't a higher net happiness, just a higher minimum happiness.

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