November 6th, 2003


Happy Job Dance

Yay! harrock has a job again!

Okay, that sounds terrible to say that way. It's not that I objected to his not working (and having a househusband is really very convenient), and leaving a job that made him unhappy to write a novel is one of those dream-chasing things that I'm not quite sure I'd be courageous enough to do. But he's happier having a job than unsucessfully looking for one, so I'm happier. And having two incomes is lots more reassuring than having one.

Saw Book of Days at the Lyric last night. It was reasonably good, at least, I mostly enjoyed it. Some of the actors were quite good, some were a little less impressive. Some parts were good, some were more one-dimensional. The play played around with the meta boundaries between characters and actors and people in the story, with one somewhat startling meta bit (I think I would have been happier if there were either more or none; one seemed like the wrong number), and Katya was highly dubious about that particular gimmick (but I think she's professionally dubious about theater, whereas I'm more willing to say "It entertained me" and be more satisfied than not). The thing I found most weird was that despite the play taking place over many many days, they always wore the same clothes, except for the few examples when they didn't (and thus only proved that they could change clothes, which is probably why it bugged me).
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