November 12th, 2003



Whee. A day of cooking, among other things. I experimented with a couple of things that caught my attention on food_porn: autumn pie (apples, cranberries, raisins, currants, a whole pile of nutmeg...), balsamic butternut squash, mushroom/pecan pate. Plus "Disgusting Orange Chicken", which is always easy and tasty.

Fed harrock, tirinian, and mjp - four is a good number to cook for, it doesn't all turn into leftovers, and a casserole dish is about the right amount.

Whenever I cook, I end up thinking that I should cook more, as opposed to my normal weekday meals of veggies or pasta. Chopping things up with a sharp knife is strangely gratifying. Stirring things in a saucepan until they get soft and smell different. Anything with balsamic vinegar or olive oil. I could live without chopping onions, but the result is usually worth it.

Cooking is always a tangible (if small) accomplishment, done in a short measurable time frame. Nobody can tell the mistakes ("Oops, I forgot the quarter cup orange juice. Well, it still tastes like pie..."). Cooking recipients are usually enthusiastic - and sometimes they even wash the dishes!
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Bunny Hunting

I've recently become addicted to "RopeRunner", a flash game:

All of the Orisinal games are sweet. And charming. That's a little bit odd as a game description, but I can't think of a better one. In this particular game, you play a... um... you might be a fat chicken. With a hat. You're trying to catch what might be robotic rabbits with your yo-yo. Anyway, the backstory of who you are and why you want the robot rabbits isn't important, the fun bit is zooshing around looping them up with your yo-yo.

(The other games they make are equally adorable. The little girl jumping on the night pond to make her reflection jump to catch the stars. The whale spouting the boat over the icebergs. They're all sort of physicsy, and they all tend to have short time limits, which you can increase by doing well.)

Alas, roperunner has no pause button.
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