November 14th, 2003


Work and Play

Last night, the Letters of Doom went out. Which means, today, the Letters of Pleading start pouring in. A lot are legitimate ("I'm still a voucher employee", "Human Resources randomly changed my ID number", "I'm still a student, but I'm not listed in the MIT Directory" (sigh)), but a lot are just mournful little messages wishing they could keep their accounts (or their web pages, or their access to the libraries, or whatever). I suspect I could make a great deal of money in bribes, were it not for that "only for good and never for evil" thing.

Over in the Play aspect, I'm currently watching an email conversation between two of the Oath players. They've certainly made my week in amusement value. There's two things I find particularly gratifying in running a game; one is good player reaction to something clever we've done ("What? That was Geoffrey Oxford?"), but the other one is when the players just take off in some direction on their own, whether it's goofing off or complicated-plotting, and all we have to do is watch. Occasionally there's still things that make the game a joy.
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