November 16th, 2003


Slow weekend

Had there not been a Vatican meeting this evening, my weekend would have been nearly entirely non-productive. Now, the non-productivity includes harrock's Night of a Million Billion Lasagna, which was an entertaining party (Roderick: "It's not fair for two people to be married if they can both cook"), and seeing the new Looney Tunes movie (short version: very nice animated characters. unimpressive live humans. funny cameos. joan cusack funny as always, steve martin playing mike myers not so much.), elephant walk for dinner, and far too much playing of Oasis, the algorithmancer's new game.

So if I needed de-stressing and unwinding, it would have been a great weekend. As it was, I vaguely felt like I should have been more useful. I'm not at all clear what I'm going to do with myself in the Mandatory Week Off between Christmas and New Year's this year.
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