November 21st, 2003


Memory Packets

Bah. I always remember when folding/stapling memory packets, how much they irritate me. But then I always forget, when it comes time to say "Hmm, we could make that a memory packet mechanic!"

First, they involve FOLDING PAPER. Enough said about *that* horrible pastime.

Second, I have this mutant stapler that thinks it's a catapult. You can't staple twice in a row, you have to open the stapler top and relax the spring and pat the staples to make them happy. And if you have not very many staples, opening the spring incites the staples to roll over upside down, from whence they won't staple anything at all. And if you have too many staples, then opening the stapler causes the spring to launch the staples into the air straight for my eyes. They know where my eyes are, no matter what angle I open the stapler at, too. I'm sure of it.
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