November 25th, 2003


Special Rav Treatment

So, mjperson and I went to Royal's for lunch, and had our Traditional Lunch of two Suan la Chow Show and two pan-fried raviolis. As the food arrives, the manager wanders over and says hello, and says "You like the pan-fried raviolis, let me tell you about our raviolis." He goes on to explain that they have three sorts, pork (the default), chicken, and veggie. They're boiled, and then pan-fried before serving. Now, the pork ravioli are pre-boiled, and then when they're ordered, they get boiled quick again, and then pan-fried. This lets them be cooked faster, for people in a hurry, and makes it easier because they go through so many. But the chicken and veggie they sell less of, so they're cooked fresh each time. This makes them taste better, the wrappers don't get as soggy, the fillings are fresher-tasting. But they take longer, maybe ten minutes. So we might want to think about trying the chicken ravs next time. (Since our ravs are for meal and not appetizer, ten minutes is not a problem). We say thank you, and we'll try them next time.

Then as we're finishing up, he zooshes over with four chicken ravs for us to try! And they *are* better. We've been treated specially, and have four bonus ravs - we're happy. He's pegged our loyalty for four ravs and a conversation - he's happy. Everyone's happy. Yay Royal's.

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