November 28th, 2003



Thanksgiving at mjperson's today. I was dubious that he was as all over it as he said he was, and went over (at invitation) to help out. As it turns out, my most useful function was bringing over a plethora of serving bowls and dishes, and he was, in fact, all over it. And now there are Many Leftovers, which have carefully been divided in half.

I have been thinking, today, of the things I am thankful for, and there are an awful lot. I am thankful for a husband who really is my better half. I am thankful for friends who share things with me from flights of creative brilliance to companiable silences, from mad plans to entertaining irrelevancies. I am thankful for what is (still) a job I enjoy, that continues to both challenge me and allow me space to putter. I am thankful for family, who I don't see often enough.

And I suppose I am occasionally thankful for sleep, which I am off to.
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