December 1st, 2003


Mortgage? What mortgage?

So, I finally got around to looking into getting the three free credit reports that Massachusetts (plus a somewhat unfortunately small number of other states) requires that the big credit unions give you once a year. TransUnion has a web form, which I attempted to use, but to verify my identity, I needed to tell them my credit line on my credit card, the amount I pay on the mortgage I took out in 1996, and the amount I pay on the loan I took out in 1996.

For the latter two, I said "I don't have one of those", and because my identity couldn't be properly verified, they couldn't give me the report.

I find this deeply disturbing. However, I will have to wait for a full fledged panic until I get the paper report in the mail in a week.

On the bright side, whoever took out this mortgage and loan must be paying it, right? Or I'd be hounded by creditors? Perhaps they're building up my credit for me. Hmm.
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