December 7th, 2003



The snow makes it a good weekend for staying inside. Sadly, I can't manage to do that, what with the Oath run yesterday (something of a smorgasbord of bits and pieces of plots) and the Conflux run today and then the Vatican meeting, there's going to be a lot of galumphing through snow.

Oath was pretty good, I think. No real arc, but doing lots of little plots lets us give more people bits just for them. Amusingly, tirinian gave away his plot to NPCs; his character is traditionally the one who tries to dodge the plot ("An interesting-looking navigation hazard? Ignore it!") but he can't get away with that when it's the main plot.

I should probably go shovel snow soon. But it's warm in here...

(slightly later)

Went down to shovel snow (hlb had already done enough of a path to be able to escape from the house), and harrock told me I was sniffly and not allowed to shovel, he would. So now he's out there shoveling snow and I'm back inside where it's warm. Our natures being what they are, this makes both of us happier than it would have the other way around, but I do tend to think that it demonstrates again that he's a nicer person than I am.
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