December 15th, 2003


Snow in Snow

Last night was the second of the ART tickets, Snow in June. They're two for two with lying-on-the-stage this season. (Though some of the time they were dead, which is more understandable).

The snow technology was really cool. I waffled as to whether I was more or less impressed with it in combination with the snow outside. (The usher, stationed to protect the snow from rampaging hordes of theater-goers afterwards, told us it was a soy-plastic blend. Up close, it reminded me of nothing so much as the dried rice scum around the edges of a rice cooker - but from a distance it looked like snow. Though they scuffed through it rather than lifted their feet - more dramatic looking, no doubt, but too tiring to do with most real snow)

As always with the ART, the leads were great (one of them I'd seen before, in Marat/Sade and Richard II. Who knew he could sing?). I've never seen a country-western/Chinese/tai chi snow musical before, so it was an experience. :)

The pacing of the plot was unusual. In revenge stories I'm more used to, the taking-of-the-revenge takes up a substantial portion of the plot arc. Even in Hamlet, the main character spends a while wandering about thinking about taking revenge, and haphazardly killing people along the way. Imagine a Hamlet, in which the action is all taken up by the plot between Claudius and Gertrude and Hamlet's father, and then in the last scene, Hamlet comes home to Denmark and kills everyone involved. (I suppose most everyone does die in the last scene in Hamlet anyway, so perhaps this isn't the best analogy).
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