December 23rd, 2003


I get by with a little help from my friends...

Sunday was Lasagna Night again. It was also (secretly) the day the Oath players unveiled the Mad Plan they've been working on for something like six months, that being the compilation of photo calendars for mjpersonand me. There's people dressed up in lab coats messing around with plastic widgets "For Science!" and Sparky Cola ads and the astonishing photoshopped-by-freon-dream "Sook's Last Scene" (and who knew Jelom looks so good as a girl? A lot like River from Firefly, actually...)...

The next day, the "fan site", set in the universe in which Oath is really a TV show, became evident. You can buy up to the second seaon on DVD now. There's a Hegemon trilogy by Diane Duane, on sale at Amazon. The HegemoniCon in San Francisco had special guest star Andreas Katsulas, who plays Lord Stannis on the show. There's complaints on the chat forums from fans who say it's not fair the actor for the ship gets more screen time than everyone else because he's married to one of the producers.

It's utterly mad. Wow.

There is something particular impressive about the devotion of work and production values to the frivolous. Things that you have to do, or are paid to do, or do because it is a Good Thing to do - those have some minimum amount of work, for which devoting less time or effort is slacking. But in pursuit of the frivolous, all the effort is above and beyond what's required.

So I've been sort of giddily stunned for a couple days now. This is my life, on Glitter. Whoo.
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