January 16th, 2004


Private Lives

Wednesday was Private Lives at the Lyric. I think this is the first play of the season that I've been completely happy with. Lovely acting, very funny sparkling dialogue (note: "What do you get when you pick up a Jewish toad?" "Schwartz" is not sparkling. In retrospect, I think the only reason Meshuggah-nuns was funny at all is that justom has trained me to laugh out loud at plays). It was a little surreal to encounter dialogue that had been stolen and put in justom's Durand play ("China, very big. Japan, very small"). Then, on the way back, tirinian diverted us to Cuchi Cuchi, which was (as always) fun, and where he acquired his Pet Sugar Cube. (though their sizzling garlic shrimp suffered from not having fresh shrimp, I think.)

Layoffs coming (ominous music). We had our "All Hands Meeting" yesterday, for which the most important factoid was "Tuesday, you'll get a phone call from your director. It'll either say you aren't laid off, or to come into their office to discuss your layoff." Tuesday will likely be a pretty agonizing day, but it does sound like they're doing their best to make this bit of the process, well, not much worse than it could be. Like breaking up with someone, there's really no way to do it painlessly.
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