January 23rd, 2004


Bits and Pieces

For those who were wondering, yes, I still have a job (as does everyone else in my group, most of whom are less redundant than I am). Morale is passable, our zen generator is working overtime pumping zen into the air. There's no List of people who were laid off (because that would be mean), but that means that all the information is running around through gossip back channels, and I'm really not sure who all we lost beyond the maybe ten I know about.

Urinetown, now no longer at the Colonial, was amazing. It always takes me a few moments to figure out why much of the cast has strange unsightly warts in the middle of their foreheads, until I identify the microphones, but that's just me. We were in the next-to-front row, one of the two rows that was split by a little walkway coming forwards into the audience, so the action was all very close. Very meta, and both hilarious and depressing. But depressing in a funny way. Hail Malthus!

"Everything in its time, Little Sally. You're too young to understand it now, but nothing can kill a show like too much exposition."
"How about bad subject matter?"
"Well -"
"Or a bad title, even? That could kill a show pretty good."
And, another pair of socks - "butterfly lace", not that you can really see the pattern in the colorwork. After this, I'm working on a lace tablecloth, which I find a little frustrating, because lace is a lot harder to fix mistakes in than anything else. The tablecloth is "Rose of England" - a picture of someone else's finished version is here: here.
(Hmm. I tried to post this with emacs, but typed the wrong password. It dutifully kept trying, though without asking me for a new password, until the error message reported that my IP address had exceeded the number of permissible errors and was temporarily banned.)
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