February 15th, 2004


Dinner, with Philosophy segue

harrock and I went to Minado for dinner last night - a huge Japanese seafood buffet in Natick. Crowded, but not as bad as the traditional romantic bistro. That was Thursday, when we went to Oleana again.

As with the last several times we've been there, it was very tasty and interesting, but it still hasn't reached the sheer perfection of the first time I went. So despite it being very good, I'm always ever so slightly disappointed when it isn't that good again. Which leads me to wonder if I should never try to repeat something that was enough better than expected that I might not get it again if I tried. What a horribly depressing practice that would be, though.

On the other hand, at present I tend to do things until they start disappointing me, and that colors the whole experience. (The first time I went to Aspasia, it had very good, somewhat unusual, food. The third time was a Valentine's Day some years back, and not only were we seated an hour and a half after our reservation time, but the food was mediocre. I haven't been back again).
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