February 16th, 2004


The good, the bad, and the muddled

(Oops, forgot to post this at the time)

Conflux run yesterday, with one of the more painful moral dilemmas that I've had to run through in a role-playing game. tirinian's pet street gang, once drug dealers and now reformed, converted, and turned into Guardian Angels, has been in a war with the Evil Mafia Psi family. Three of the little gang have been taken out in a hit, so the gang decides to go and pull off a larger hit against the bad guys. They tell tirinian about it, who eventually tells the other three of us. We dither, and waffle, and fuss. The Evil Mafia Psi family is in fact, pretty evil. At least, the ones in the Mafia are. On the other hand, going on a hit isn't so moral. And the war did originally start over drug turf, even if now it's morphed into a war against the drug lords. In the end, we go in and attempt to carry out the following:

  • tirinian: "I am not an assassin, damnit!" Evacuation of the wounded (especially the wounded gang members) only. No actual offense.
  • mjperson: I'm the healer. I'll heal the wounded, and maybe provide sneaky tactical support for the gang members.
  • ilhander: As long as I'm invisible, I can pick sides. And I'll knock down the bad guys with ego blast so they don't go down from gunshot wounds and then die.
  • Me: I'm a cop! A real one, not like Beverly Hills Cop, which really dates me as a reference. I'll try and get evidence of mafiosity once the shooting is over.
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