February 23rd, 2004


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Today was a script reading at Katya's, which was fun. I didn't find it as hard to sight-emote as I had expected, and would like to think I wasn't too bad. Travesties is a very silly play (and harrock was a lovely cranky senile guy. Always entertaining to see him unleash his inner curmudgeon) - I took a while to work up a semi-Irish accent for James Joyce, and then was completely doomed when I suddenly got to be Lenin too. A strangely Irish Lenin. Then played around with A Little Night Music (which I like, despite it being Sondheim) including trying to sing many of the sung bits to CD accompaniment. Probably less successful as a Dramatic Rendition, due to the mad doubling of parts, but still entertaining.

Then dashed off to a Vatican meeting, at which tirinian was his usual font of ideas and at best everyone else can contribute about as much, put together. So far I'm not quite invested in the game yet, which needs to start changing. Maybe if I write the justice system greensheet I was muttering about meetings ago, even if it's just a draft.

Like tirinian, I have this vague sense of should-be-being-more-productive. I'm not sure what I ought to be doing, just... something more than I managed to. Well, tomorrow will be work, and I'm usually productive there.
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