March 27th, 2004


A dream from a few days ago.

I was with a bunch of people when we were arrested. I think we were the cast of Sesame Street, or perhaps of Avenue Q. We were being held in this big room with tables, with a guard watching us who was puttering around on a laptop. He said "oh, you guys could escape by jumping out the window there" but it was a long drop, and we thought that might be kind of illegal anyway, so we didn't.

Then our lawyer came in and told us that we had been released, because of this federal law about prisons - the original law was that the guard had to be there in person, that they couldn't just be guarding remotely and on the phone to the prisoners. Then later laws amended it to add that videoconferencing and internet connections were also not sufficient. Our guard had been logged onto the internet, so that broke the rule and we were free to go. I kept saying, that must not be what that law meant, they meant the guard couldn't be *remote* and guarding via the internet, and people kept telling me, yeah, you'd think that, but the courts have ruled it this way a couple times now.

So we left, and started heading down the hall, and then Tom Stoppard and his boyfriend (not named in the dream) came in, and he was being completely swarmed by worshipful Muppets. They were holding his legs and dragging along after him, as he tried to pretend that it wasn't inconvenient, and the really big Muppet kept picking him up and squeezing him.

Sadly, I didn't get to see Stoppard's appearance on Sesame Street (or in Avenue Q) because I woke up.

(My favorite part of the dream is the legal loophole-jumping. Normally anything having to do with language in a dream makes no sense once I'm awake, but this seems to have made it.)