April 21st, 2004


lj-cut tags, take two

I noted in the most recent changelog:

"Add a userprop to allow a user to disable lj-cuts on either the recent entries or friends page via the admin console."

This won't take effect until the next time they update their running code, but I'll have to play with it then, and at that point I won't have to have an opinion on other people's cuts any longer. :)

Less than Ideal Houses

Looking at houses has been an adventure. I'm becoming more and more surprised by "what were they thinking when they did that?", though I suppose not everything is an intentional design choice. So far there's been:

  • The maze-like fixer-upper with the doorway to one room that was so narrow you had to go through sideways.
  • The condo with French doors on the bedrooms, one bedroom with tiled floor (like a basement mudroom).
  • The kitchen with no counters. I don't mean "not very many", I mean "none." I will have to watch for "period kitchen" as a warning flag.
  • The kitchen with wall-to-wall carpet
  • The bathroom off of the unfinished basement.
  • The condo with the utterly gorgeous garden out back - that you weren't allowed to go into, it was for the developer's private use.
  • The third bedroom off the second bedroom.
  • The house with an oubliette! The remodeling took out the basement stair, so you can get to the basement via the outside cellar door, or the secret panel in the floor.

Not everything is a priority one bug, but pretty much everything has at least one strange feature that leaves me thinking "What's up with that?
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Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich

So here I am at work. Accounts gets email from someone saying


I happen to be a member of the list xxxxx@mit.edu. This list hasn't been in use for at least 4 or 5 years and I've hardly noticed I was in it. However, I'm getting piles of SPAM lately and I'd like to unsubscribe. Unfortunately, the administrators of the list have gone and I don't know exactly what to do.

Could you, please, tell me what I (or any other member) should do in order to unsubscribe the list?

Many thanks,


I send them mail back saying that I've removed them, and contacted the list owners about deleting the list.

Then I get a second piece of mail, with the exact same words from someone else, completely different part of the country, asking to be removed. Then a third. Then a fourth. Then a fifth.

There's a group mind out there, and it just decided to be removed from a mailing list. Except one of the members of the group mind asked in Spanish instead, to add confusion.

I find this strangely creepy, even though there are obvious sensible explanations for it. I cling fast to my idea of a group mind toying with me, though.
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