May 2nd, 2004



I stopped by Mud Flat Pottery yesterday for their Somerville Open Studio weekend, and, as might have been expected, bought four bowls. Well, really, three bowls and one... um. It's shaped like a glass, but it's not glass, it's ceramic. It's taller than a mug but has no handle. There must be a real word for this... a ceramic tumbler?

"You and your bowl fetish", says justom. He's just mocking me, but there's something to it. Bowls and plates are equally practical, but bowls are... friendlier. A plate is held with the fingers, an excercise in tension. A bowl is held with the hands, even cradled. The shape is natural, weighty, rounded. A shape for containing, enclosing, both decorative and protective, where a plate is just a barrier between the food and the forces of gravity.

There are probably worse fetishes to have. :)

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